The True Meaning of Shalom

All nations will live in peace and all the answers to peace, Shalom, are found in this publication. Learn the criteria by which peace, Shalom, will be established. After reading this book, you will know what peace is, how to choose peace, and how to pass it on to others.

The Widow Son Raised

The message in this book is brought first to the so-called Black man; but all moral people regardless of their skin color, religion, education, social status, or political affiliation will benefit from this divine exegetical revelation.

The Removal of WAV

Because Cain killed his brother, Abel, Yahweh put a mark upon him. This MARK was WAV, the “DIVINE MARK OF PROTECTION.” He was given 6,000 years to rule in order to right this wrong. From that time, Cain has continued to kill his brothers all over the world…

You Are Not A Nigger

Since being in America, we have been called “Colored,” “Negro,” “Black,” “Afro-American,” “African American,” and various derogatory titles. Before slavery, over 400 years ago, we were somebody. Who?

Building A Strong Foundation
Mathematics of YAHWEH
YAHWEH Judges America
YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH: The Messiah of Genesis

“They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course” (Psalm 82:5). This is a “divine” blueprint that gives you the knowledge and the understanding needed to restore all the foundations of the Earth to their proper course.

In this book, YAHWEH Ben YAHWEH provides you with the “divine” approach to success, wealth, prosperity, good fortune and influence; and also documents that through “change,” one can decidedly move “From Poverty To Riches.”

Most people are not aware of the fact that America is in the Bible. She is cryptically called “Babylon” (Rev. 18:2).  Decoded and deciphered in this book are all the plagues by which Yahweh will judge America. Judgment Day is for America and all those countries joined with her in wickedness. 

Since the creation, the Messiah has been galactically traveling from Genesis through Revelation. His majesty is being revealed today in the appearance of YAHWEH Ben YAHWEH, who is the Everlasting Father. 

Now is The Judgement of This World
The Ressurection of Abel
The Substance of Faith
Divine Dietary Laws for Hebrew Israelites and The World

YAHWEH, the God of the Hebrews, is here on the Earth to breathe into them the “breath of life” which will CAUSE them to live. The fulfillment of this prophecy signifies the judgment of this world.

One of the greatest mysteries in the Bible is why Cain killed his brother Abel. No one in history has ever told the truth about this heinous crime. This book will leave you breathless as it takes you on a very graphic pathway to understanding exactly who and what Cain killed.

 Faith is to have confidence in things hoped for. It is the substance of your faith that helps you to endure and undertake those roads you have never traveled. The “substance” of your faith can manifest all things hoped for.

This book discusses the “divine” laws governing what we should and should not eat according to the Bible. Disobeying these laws leads to physical death, mental death, and spiritual death. Follow these laws and live!

The Manifestation of The Name YAHWEH
Adam's 6,000 Year Deep Sleep
I Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel of Christ
YAHWEH Passover

  The “true” NAME of God is the world’s greatest secret. It was promised that the Son of God would come to MANIFEST the NAME and would come in His Father’s NAME. If you do not know the NAME of the Father, then you will not be able to identify the Son.

The so-called Black man of America is suffering the deepest sleep of all times. Since being brought to America over 456 years ago, the so-called Black man has been asleep and unconscious of his “TRUE” identity the world’s best kept secret.

Millions of people throughout the world travel the globe professing to be baptizing people and filling them with the “Holy Ghost.” If this were true, we would not see such desolation and destruction upon the Earth today.

Because the Bible is written in many different ways (parabolically, allegorically, figuratively, metaphorically, et cetera), only at the coming of YAHWEH Ben YAHWEH, the Son of YAHWEH, will the Bible be decoded. 

Fruits from The Tree of Life
The Royal Priesthood
An Introduction to Hebrew: The Language of God
A Global Call To The Remnant

The most provocative and captivating book of all times. Dramatized are the CRYPTIC word games that Lucifer has played since the Garden of Eden. Divinely unveiled are how these games are played, with whom they are played, and through what mediums they are played.

The most breath-taking and heart-moving narrative of the love that Yahweh has for His chosen: The Nation of YAHWEH, which epitomizes a “true” love affair. He promised to restore them to their royal dynasty at the end (Genesis 15:13-15).

 YAHWEH spoke Hebrew, and the prophets including the man called Jesus. All that you see and don’t see were created through the power in the Hebrew letters. Our ancestors prayed in Hebrew when they were brought here as slaves, many were killed and our “true” language was forgotten.

The global call is to the remnant of Israel to come back to keeping the laws of Yahweh, which will return us to our land, set us free, bring us back into one mind-set with Yahweh, guide us into a moral character, remove us from under the burden of our oppressors, and bless our land.

Concentration Camps
The Kingdom of YAHWEH: Heaven
The Key To Heaven: Charity
The Messiah Revealed

Have you ever wondered why the government is shutting down military bases all around the country? The perverse side of the American government is turning these military bases into concentration camps for all dark-skinned people. 

 The Kingdom of YAHWEH-Heaven signifies the end of government de facto and the establishment of government de jure. Explained are the Biblical laws by which the government of YAHWEH will be ruled and the impact these laws will have upon you and the world.

“And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing” (1 Cor. 13:2). 

THE MESSIAH IS COME! How will you recognize Him? “Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that THE ANOINTED ONE is come in the flesh is of YAHWEH: And every spirit that confesseth not that THE ANOINTED ONE is come in the flesh is not of Yahweh . . .” (1 John 4:2-3). 

Morality: The Foundation of Heaven
Ethics: A Master Key To Heaven
Bondmen In Egypt
The Ingathering

Envision a world where drugs, crime, and sexual depravity have been replaced with divine intelligence and reasoning, righteous deeds, and sobriety. Consider an existence of goodness, selflessness, integrity, and truth. 

Societies and cultures around the globe continue to witness the devastation of a world absent of principles, values, and integrity. Ethics will introduce you to a consciousness searched for the world over.

By definition, bondmen means “a people bound to service without pay or wages.” We, the so-called Black man of America, are descendants of the same people who were in bondage in Egypt and who were taken captive and brought to America to work as slaves without pay or wages…

 Because Israel did not hearken diligently unto the voice of our God, Yahweh, to keep all His commandments and went and served other gods, He rooted us out of our land in anger, and in wrath, and in great indignation, and cast us into another land [America] as we are “this day” (Deut. 29:28). 

How To Overcome The World
Satan Revealed
Passing Over From Poverty To Riches

The evil of this world is so great that it has reached unto heaven, and Yahweh Ben Yahweh has remembered her iniquities (Revelation 18:4). Generations ago when our ancestors sang the song “We Shall Overcome,” they believed that “some day” we would, but they did not know “HOW” we would overcome.

Satan was cast out into the Earth, and for over 6,000 years, he has been “going to and fro and walking up and down in the Earth”; and has deceived the WHOLE world (Job 1:7; Revelation 12:9).  Witness Yahweh Ben Yahweh peel off Satan’s disguise to uncover his true NATURE

In this book, Yahweh Ben Yahweh provides you with the “divine” approach to success, wealth, prosperity, good fortune and influence; and also documents that through “change,” one can decidedly move “From Poverty To Riches.”